Teaching method and curriculum

Incorporating eSmart Media Literacy Lab in your classroom is easy.

The Media Literacy Lab is based on three key areas on media engagement:

1. Media and consumption:

  • Foundational knowledge regarding what media is, why it is made, and who consumes it.
  • Critical engagement in social and personal media habits and consumption.

2. Content and creation:

  • Examines the creative and technological mechanisms behind media production and dissemination.
  • Analyses ‘fake news’ media, ‘deepfakes’, data ownership, curated content, and more.

3. Human rights and activism:

  • Explores the mutually productive relationship between media and democracy, and the responsibilities of digital citizenship.
  • Analyses online harm prevention and affecting positive change.

How the modules are designed

The digital modules are designed with clear learning pathways to ensure that specific learning outcomes are achieved.

Each module includes stretch activities, scaffolding, individualised feedback, and exploratory learning pathways so that no two journeys are the same. Designed for students aged 12-16 each digital module contains the following:

  • Pre-assessment
  • Learning material
  • Summative assessment

Other features include:

Extension activities

Extension activities with a suggested completion time.

Flexible delivery

Options for flexible delivery, with modules able to be completed independently either in school or at home.

Accessible controls

Keyboard shortcuts and comprehensive screen reader ensures content is accessible to all students.

Interactive modules

Accompanying the interactive modules are collaborative classroom activities that can be completed before and after the modules, which set the context and allow students to apply their learning.

Learning intentions and success criteria

Explicit learning intentions and success criteria are guided by a lesson outline and slide deck to support delivery.

Downloadable teacher packs

Downloadable teacher packs for each module include the above resources, curriculum content descriptor links to use in your planning, and an answer key.

Completion certificates

Student achievement recognised with a certificate upon completion of all modules.

Curriculum alignment

The sSmart Media Literacy Lab is aligned with the following Learning Areas and General Capabilities for years 7 to 10 in the Australian Curriculum v9.

  1.  Learning Area: English. 
    • General capabilities: Critical and creative thinking
  2.  Learning Area: Media Arts.
    • General capabilities: Ethical understanding
  3. Learning Area: Health and Physical Education
    • General capabilities: Digital literacy