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Empowering young people to think critically, create responsibly, be effective voices and active citizens online.

What does the Lab do?
Media Literacy Lab engages secondary students in essential media literacy education through an innovative, gamified resource that reflects youth experiences.
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Register to use the Lab with your students for a rewarding, exciting teaching and learning experience. Teachers across many disciplines can find Australian Curriculum-aligned content, classroom/remote delivery ideas and professional knowledge.

Breaking the barriers

Making it easier to teach media literacy

We know that teaching media literacy can be a challenge for many reasons, including its dispersion across curriculum structures, timetabling pressures, sensitive topics and changeable learning environments. The Lab is designed to help alleviate these barriers, with its dynamic learning platform and curriculum alignment-mapping. The learning environment is safe and secure, with clear flags for sensitive topics (and recommended outreach support). Teachers can deliver via blended or remote learning and module-based sessions are built to support flexible teacher use in a single or series of lessons.

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